Disrupters of the balance between Free T3 and Reverse T3

Free T3 hormones are the active hormones that our cells can use for energy and other metabolic functions.

Reverse T3 plays an important role, in keeping the balance in our body and ensuring that there are not too many T4 thyroid hormones in your body.

But some things can throw this balance out.  According to Paul Robinson, author of the book Recovering With T3, these include:

  1. Low iron levels
  2. Low cortisol
  3. Insulin and blood sugar issues,
  4. Excess T3 medication with T4,
  5. Poor conversion of T4 due to lack of important nutrients such as selenium,
  6. Infections, 
  7. Tumours,
  8. Damage to the heart muscle, 
  9. Ageing,
  10. Chronic alcohol abuse,
  11. Diabetes,
  12. Liver disease,
  13. Kidney disease,
  14. Severe illness,
  15. Stress,
  16. Surgery,
  17. Some drugs, and
  18. Genetic defects affecting the deiodinase enzymes.

When you experience hypothyroid symptoms despite your TSH and T4 being in the “normal” range, it is a good idea to look further and check your Free T3 and Reverse T3 levels.  e


[1] Recovering with T3.  Paul Robinson, p31

Adele du Rand

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