Help for your
underactive thyroid!

Your thyroid gland plays a crucial role in your overall health, energy, and metabolism.  

With the right guidance, practical coaching and personalised support, you can reduce your symptoms, improve your health and feel your best self again!

The Thyroid Health Blueprint

Identify your Root Cause, Live Symptom-Free and Achieve Your Best Health

Did you know that many thyroid patients still feel horrible despite taking their thyroid medication as prescribed by their doctors?  While thyroid hormone medication is important, it is more important to identify and address the root cause of your underactive thyroid.   

Unfortunately, conventional medical practice is often 17 years behind medical science.  A researched fact.  

We help you to understand and identify the root cause of your hypothyroid symptoms, and provide you with simple, practical, science-backed strategies to reduce your hypothyroid symptoms.  

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31 Secrets to Hashimoto's

Discover the 31 Secrets to help you reduce your symptoms, increase your energy and feel better.  Practical tips and advice if you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s!

Did you know

You don't have to struggle with persistent symptoms.

You feel frustrated that despite taking your thyroid medication, you are still experiencing debilitating symptoms.  Your doctor may have told you that your “labs are normal, there is nothing wrong with you”.  

But yet you know something is not right. 

Are you experiencing these frustrations?

Meet Adele du Rand

Author, Health Coach, and Thyroid Patient Advocate

I know first-hand how an underactive thyroid can steal your energy and your life.  

After identifying the root cause of my underactive thyroid, I took action to educate myself on thyroid health and implemented strategies to reduce my symptoms.  (Read my story to find out how all that happened…)

I am passionate about using a functional medicine approach, proven science, and evidence-based strategies and published research to help people who struggle with the debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism finally live symptom-free and feel better.  

So, let’s get started and get you back to your best health!

You deserve a life with vitality, energy and health.

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