Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Are they safe to take?

Are supplements safe to take?  Should you then take supplements?  Is more better?  Or could you be making yourself sick? I do support taking certain supplements, because I know that there are issues with soil nutrient depletion and long transport times (which all depletes nutrients from fruits and vegetables).   So what do we do?  Well, […]

Should I avoid lectins when I have Hashimoto’s?

Last week I read a book entitled The Plant Paradox – The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy Foods that Cause Disease and Weight Gain, by Dr Steven Gundry.  The premise of the book is that many of the foods that people consider healthy, like certain fruit,  vegetables and whole grains, contain the antinutrient lectins, which is […]

Unrecognized gluten sensitivity

Unrecognized gluten sensitivity has been associated with a wide variety of health problems, including thyroid disease.  You don’t have to have celiac disease to be sensitive to gluten.  You may not even indicate that you have a problem with gluten, like acute abdominal symptoms such as bloating, gas, or even diarrhea.   Dr. Terry Wahls, the […]

A gluten-free diet to improve iron levels

Hypothyroidism and anemia (not having enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the body) go hand-in-hand.  Low iron levels could be one of many possible causes for anemia.  One possible cause is that hypothyroidism leads to a deficiency in stomach acid, which may lead to poor iron absorption.  Also, women who […]

TSH is not a thyroid health indicator

TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is a hormone released by the pituitary gland that basically instructs the thyroid gland on how many thyroid hormones to produce. If the thyroid hormone levels in the blood is too low, then the TSH increases so that the thyroid gland makes more thyroid hormones. If the thyroid hormone levels in […]

15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods I Actually Eat

I recently obtained a copy of Johnny Bowden’s book “The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth”, and it is a monster-size book of over 700 pages.  As a Hashimoto’s patient who is focused on getting my health back, my diet has been my focus for the last couple of months.  And this book’s title grabbed my […]

Boost Your Thyroid Health with the Power of Selenium: Why this Trace Mineral is Essential for a Healthy Thyroid

Selenium is a trace mineral that plays an important function in thyroid health.  We shouldn’t underestimate the power of this little mineral. How the thyroid gland works First, the thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones, predominantly T4 and T3, and these hormones are then transported through out your body.  Did you know that just about each […]