Your thinking impacts your body

We often don’t think about how our mindsets can actually impact our health.  What we think impacts what we feel which can have a real impact on your physiology! 

Here’s an example to illustrate to you how real the impact of your thoughts is on your body:

Imagine that you are afraid to speak in front of people.  Now, I am telling you that in an hour’s time, you will be speaking in front of 4,000 people on stage. 

You have that “Oh no” moment, and immediately your body has a response, which is one or more of the four P’s:  you are going to pass out, puke, pee or pooh.  Your body has a real physiologial response to the thoughts and emotions you have! 

What happened? Your thoughts about something that didn’t even happen yet had totally changed your chemistry. 

Now, think about the impact of the thoughts that you have every single day about your body, your health, and your journey! 

That is why focusing on calming techniques during the day is good.  Deep breathing and focusing exercises are great, and I love walking barefoot on grass and just naming the things that I am grateful for, even if I just list it in my head!

The crux is this: our thoughts have a very real impact on our bodies.  When you have those days when you feel alone, overwhelmed, and frustrated, acknowledge those emotions, and then shift your focus.  Breath and list three to five things you are grateful for.  

Adele du Rand

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