Enough T4 is not a guarantee for good health

The thyroid gland produces mainly T4 thyroid hormones and a little T3 hormones.  But these two types of hormones play very different roles in your body. First, T4 has very little biological action of any significance, according to Paul Robinson, author of the book Recovering with T3.   T4 is more of a storage hormone, or […]

The essential thyroid blood labs you must ask for

If you want to have a complete view of the status of your thyroid gland, you must ask for the following thyroid lab tests: TSH Free T4 Free T3 TPO antibodies TG antibodies Reverse T3 (if you have been under severe stress or recently had surgery) Iron & Ferritin (technically not a thyroid lab test, but […]

Thyroid medication does not treat your thyroid

One of the biggest misconceptions in many hypothyroid patients that I have come across is that thyroid medication treats the thyroid gland.  I too had this misconception for many years.  I thought, as per other medications, that you take it and it will treat the problem, fix it, sort it out.  But with thyroid medication, […]