Author : Adele du Rand

Adele is a hypothyroid and Hashimoto's patient, hypothyroid health coach, and patient advocate. When she is not helping others with creating their best lives, she plays and coaches squash and dabbles in photography.

Tracking your hypothyroid symptoms and signs

Tracking your signs and symptoms can provide vital information and clues to whether your treatment plan, your medication levels, supplements and even lifestyle changes are effective or not.   Doctors use “symptoms” and “signs” in a very specific way: Symptom: something that you, the patient, feels or complains about. Sign: a specific observation or measurement that […]

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Are they safe to take?

Are supplements safe to take?  Should you then take supplements?  Is more better?  Or could you be making yourself sick? I do support taking certain supplements, because I know that there are issues with soil nutrient depletion and long transport times (which all depletes nutrients from fruits and vegetables).   So what do we do?  Well, […]

Are your pots and pans making you sick?

Your liver plays an important function in helping to detoxify your body.   Unfortunately, your liver may become overwhelmed with the amount of toxins that are entering your body, and so it becomes sluggish.   Kitchen utensils can also add to this toxin load. One of the things we can do is to change to “cleaner” cooking […]

Should I avoid lectins when I have Hashimoto’s?

Last week I read a book entitled The Plant Paradox – The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy Foods that Cause Disease and Weight Gain, by Dr Steven Gundry.  The premise of the book is that many of the foods that people consider healthy, like certain fruit,  vegetables and whole grains, contain the antinutrient lectins, which is […]

The damaged thyroid: when you are diagnosed too late

The (scary) statistics about hypothyroidism [1]: An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Women are 5 to 8 times more likely than men to have thyroid problems. One in eight will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime. Then, let’s add the following statistics [2]:  In iodine-sufficient regions, autoimmune thyroid disease […]

How your cortisol fluctuates and how it impacts your energy

Following from yesterday’s email about cortisol and that it is an important ingredient for your energy levels: Your cells need glucose, together with T3 hormones, to produce energy.  The glucose level in your blood is managed by cortisol. However, cortisol fluctuates during the day, and our quality of sleep also affects our cortisol levels.  Here’s how it works […]

The link between blood sugar levels, thyroid hormone levels, and your energy

Fatigue is a symptom that can have many underlying causes. While too little thyroid hormones (T4, T3 or both) could be cause, what if your thyroid hormones levels are “normal”?  What then? Hello cortisol. You may know cortisol as your stress-coping hormone.  Did you know that your cells contain mitochondria, which is like the cell’s energy […]

Disrupters of the balance between Free T3 and Reverse T3

Free T3 hormones are the active hormones that our cells can use for energy and other metabolic functions. Reverse T3 plays an important role, in keeping the balance in our body and ensuring that there are not too many T4 thyroid hormones in your body. But some things can throw this balance out.  According to […]

The important role of Reverse T3, and when it goes wrong

During the process of converting the inactive T4 hormones to the active T3 hormones, the body converts some of this T4 into another hormone called Reverse T3. Reverse T3 (shortened to rT3) plays an important role.  It acts like a balancer – to make sure that there is not too much T4 going around in […]